Venezuelan opposition leader declares himself president amid unrest | World News

Venezuela’s opposition leader has declared himself the new president amid riots which have led to several deaths.

Juan Guaido was met with cheering support after naming himself interim president, raising his right hand as he said he was “formally assuming the responsibility of the national executive”.

Nicolas Maduro was sworn in for a contested second term two weeks ago but has been met by international condemnation.

Thousands of Venezuelans have protested against Mr Maduro, accusing him of usurping power and demanding he step down.

Millions have fled as the country reels from a crushing economic crisis. Those who are forced to stay are going hungry.

According to a source inside the White House, Donald Trump may soon move to recognise Mr Guiado as the interim president.

The Venezuelan parliament is not likely to convene until Thursday at the earliest.

Mr Maduro was re-elected last month but the country’s opposition does not recognise the election and says it was fraudulent.

If the US was to recognise Mr Guaido, it would mount pressure on Mr Maduro to step down.

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