‘Wimbledon prowler’ Asdrit Kapaj admits 10-year burglary spree | UK News

A burglar described as the “Wimbledon prowler” has admitted raiding 21 homes over the space of a decade.

Asdrit Kapaj travelled from his home in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, for the “sustained campaign” in the affluent southwest London suburb.

He was accused of trying to burgle the home of former tennis champion Boris Becker, but that charge was not put to him in court.

Kapaj, 42, a married father of two, admitted 21 burglaries, two attempted burglaries and a charge of going equipped.

The “prowler” started his campaign in July 2008 and was caught on CCTV wearing a fisherman’s hat.

The Kosovo Serb was accused of carefully destroying security equipment and may have used a device to pick locks.

He is said to have been disturbed several times during the burglaries, including reportedly being chased by French footballer Nicolas Anelka on one occasion.

Kapaj was arrested on 22 February this year with a snood, a pair of gloves and a torch.

Scotland Yard had previously linked him to 200 burglaries.

Prosecutor Alexandra Boshell said much of the evidence came from number plate recognition technology tracking his car from the North West to Wimbledon.

Kapaj will be sentenced next month over the 21 burglaries he confessed to, which netted him a haul that included a diamond ring, gold necklace and thousands in cash.

Residents of Wimbledon Village turned up to see the burglar – who wore a purple tracksuit – enter his pleas at Kingston Crown Court.

Laurie Porter, chair of the Wimbledon Village Safer Neighbourhood Panel, said people were “sleeping more easily” now the man “creeping around our gardens and our streets” is locked up.

“I’m thrilled we don’t have to worry about this man wandering the streets of Wimbledon Village for the foreseeable future,” she said.

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