US Midterms 2018 – Donald Trump

Midterm Elections

The 2018 midterm elections saw the biggest turnout of eligible voters since 1914 (49.3%), and participation was up for both parties, proving just how politically motivated the two sides are at present.

The Republicans were able to win two more seats in the Senate, increasing their majority to 53-47.

However, it was the Democrats who claimed to be the winners after election night, taking 40 new seats in the House of Representatives – giving them a 235-199 majority. Democrats now have powers to investigate President Trump’s tax returns, his finances, as well as the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections, the Trump administration’s ethics scandals and more.

Winning the House also means that the Republicans cannot pass any new legislation without Democratic approval.

Looking toward to the 2020 presidential race, a split Congress could give Mr Trump an opportunity to increase his popularity across the country by showing how he can work in a bipartisan manner, much in the same way Bill Clinton did in the 90s.

For the Democrats, there is no clear front-runner on who will be their nominee to challenge Mr Trump for the presidency, but having control of the House will give them the chance to show potential voters what their agenda and policy platform will look like.

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