UK weather: UK sunnier than Majorca – and it’s going to get hotter! | UK News

New temperature records could be set this Easter weekend as Britain basks in sunshine.

The mercury could peak at 26C (78.8F) on Sunday, and may reach 27C (80.6F) on Monday.

It means the UK is a better bet for sun this weekend than many parts of Europe, with temperatures higher here than in Corfu, Monaco and Majorca.

“With Easter falling late this year, it could be record-breaking,” said Sky News forecaster Kirsty McCabe.

Deck Chairs at Sandown Beach on the Isle of Wight
Temperatures could break records this Easter weekend

Although the chance of beating the Easter Saturday record of 29.4C (85F), set in London in 1949 is slim, “there is a good chance we’ll beat the Easter Sunday and Easter Monday records”, she added.

The record temperature for Easter Sunday is currently 25.3C (77.5F), while for Easter Monday it is 24C (75F).

Both were set in the Solent area in 2011.

The rest of the weekend will be “largely dry, sunny and very warm”, McCabe said, adding that a “weather system will affect the far north and west, bringing thicker cloud and rain there”.

Regarding temperatures, they “could peak at 26C on Sunday and possibly a degree or two higher on Monday”.

Bookmaker Ladbrokes has cut odds from 5/6 to just 8/11 for this year to see the hottest Easter Sunday on record.

However, people are being warned to beware of strong UV light and high pollen levels.

The weather is set to get warmer as we head into the Easter weekend
Hay fever and asthma sufferers have been warned about rising pollen levels

Hay fever sufferers have been warned that they could also have to contend with a so-called “deadly pollen bomb“, which occur when cold and wet winters are followed by a sudden spell of bright and balmy conditions.

Not everywhere in the UK will see blue skies, with northwest Scotland and the Northern Isles expected to have some clouds and rain today.

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