Tech start-ups unveil breathalyser gadgets that can improve your diet

Two breathalyser-style gadgets that claim to be able to help users improve their diets have been shown off at CES.

FoodMarble and Lumen have put their devices on display at the tech show in Las Vegas, with both designed to give people advice on what they should be eating.

The former works with a smartphone app so that meals can be logged, after which the miniature device takes a breath sample to measure how well the food is being digested.

Its creators say it could help people who suffer from problems like irritable bowel syndrome and other similar issues.

The gadget uses a smartphone app to show users the readings and make dietary suggestions
The gadget uses a smartphone app to make dietary suggestions to users

Since its official launch just before Christmas, FoodMarble has already shipped $1m (£784,435) in pre-orders, with each device priced at $159 (£125).

The product from Lumen is similar in style and is due to be released this summer after raising almost $2m (£1.57m) on crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

It will task users with breathing into it several times each day, allowing it to measure their metabolism via carbon dioxide readings and suggest workouts and meals to help them burn fat.

CES is one of the biggest international trade shows in the world
CES is one of the biggest international trade shows in the world

The health-conscious devices have drawn plenty of crowds at CES, as have several futuristic gadgets designed for foodies so far this week.

On Monday, manufacturer Whirlpool unveiled a counter-top oven that can identify the type of food placed inside and suggest ways in which to cook it

The $799 (£627) appliance can automatically recognise whether the food is fresh or frozen, and includes a thermometer capable of carrying out an “internal doneness test” to check whether it is cooked properly.

It comes equipped with a camera so that lazy chefs can check on the status of their meal via a mobile app.

And Samsung has unveiled one of its own smart kitchen appliances in the form of a fridge with a companion app that lets you check its contents while you are out shopping.

The fridge was shown off during a preview day on Monday, with the main show set to come to an end on Friday.

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