California ‘house of horrors’ has $350,000 price tag

The family home where a California couple are alleged to have imprisoned and tortured 12 of their children has been put up for auction – with the seller making no mention of its notorious past.

Prosecutors claim 160 Muir Woods Road in Perris – east of LA and dubbed a “house of horrors” by the local media – witnessed years of abuse by David and Louise Turpin.

They deny a total of 88 charges including child abuse and remain in custody pending trial.

A court has heard how the pair were arrested in January following a 911 call made by their 17-year-old daughter asking the operator to “help my sisters”, claiming three siblings were currently chained to their beds.

The Turpin family
The couple has 13 children

Prosecutors further allege that the children – eight of whom are now adults – suffered mental and physical damage because of squalid conditions, restraint and a lack of access to proper food.

Under California law the property, which was placed on the market by an undisclosed vendor, can be sold without such details being disclosed to a prospective buyer because no murder took place.

However, local property experts told The Press-Enterprise it was rare for such a high-profile case to be kept from bidders.

Auction site Hudson & Marshall said it has requested the details from the seller and would add them when available.

Louise and David Turpin in court in Riverside, California
Louise (l) and David Turpin (r) in court in Riverside, California, in June

However, the clock is ticking as bids have already topped $200,000 (£157,000) for the four-bedroom home.

A reserve price – one which a potential bidder must meet – has been placed on the property but was not revealed.

Valuations have topped $350,000 (£275,000), according to the website and bids are being invited in the run-up to a deadline of 2 January.

The house is said to be in good condition.

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